I usually work with plastic because of the importance I give as a whole itself, to discarding. One of its characteristics is the difficulty it presents to degrade and that is one of the focuses of my interest: to make of that discard, of that waste which is separated and thrown away, an aesthetic object.

I get the raw material from two sources: either I buy the plastics or reuse them after finishing a construction work; I find it much more interesting when working, that this material is not virgin. I tell one story over another. Being an architect, I really enjoy all the processes that carry out a work, but within them, one that generates me a lot of pleasure is the demolition. I find in it great poetic and visual aesthetic.

I understand that my line of thought and work is generally related to that. I like to discover layer after layer. Reassign value and meaning to things that perhaps no longer have it or never had it for others because they were considered garbage which is usually dispensed. I like to uncover things, such as entering circles of depth of life itself. One goes through life living different situations that forge the character and our own history. In my work I see that and I hope that others can also see it reflected. Resilience. Adapt to the circumstances. Cover, paint, remove and tear: I take out what I put, what I paint. I photograph construction signs, street posters placed and then torn off, demolitions; It is a constant in me to look for transcendence in the “broken”.

María Julia Clutterbuck